Employment Visa

Employment Visa has to be sponsored by nationals with competent authority. So as a Jobseeker, you have little or nothing to do regarding Visa. Provide the information requested from you by your Employer & they will handle the rest. For your basic understanding, you may go through the details below.

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Visit Visa

Citizen of other GCC states have a right to enter and live in Kuwait without undergoing any particular formalities.

Kuwait will grant 34 nationalities entry visas upon arrival, according to a new decision from the Ministry of Interior (Feb. 2004). Among those that will benefit are nationals from the

  • USA

  • UK

  • France

  • Italy

  • Germany

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Japan

  • The Netherlands

  • Belgium

  • Luxembourg

  • Switzerland

  • Austria

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Denmark

  • Portugal

  • Ireland

  • Greece

  • Finland

  • Spain

  • Monaco

  • The Vatican

  • Iceland

  • Andorra

  • San Marino

  • Liechtenstein

  • Brunei

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Hong Kong

  • South Korea

  • China

Other countries can obtain visas through Kuwait Airways offices as the airline has an online facility to process the visa through the Ministry of Interior.

But all other nationals are subject to strict rules of entry and registration as foreigners under the sponsorship of Kuwaitis or Kuwait companies or as dependents of foreigners under who already enjoy residence under Kuwait sponsorship. There are two basic types of visa, a visit visa and a residence visa. A foreigner whose country without a visa abolition treaty with Kuwait, ie a treaty permitting Kuwait to enter their country without a visa, may be granted reciprocal rights in the Kuwait. These persons however may require an entry permit. Fntry permits are acquired in the same way and under the same procedures as visit visa. International airline have been instructed by the Kuwaiti authorities not to board passengers for Kuwait unless they have valid visas or entry permits.

Application for a Visit Visa

Visit visas and entry permits are valid for entry within 90 days of issue and then for a stay of up to 30 days only after entry, A visit visas costs KD 3/- . Entry permits are free. A visit to Kuwait must be sponsored by a Kuwait individual or company, or a resident foreigner who is relative of the visitor while he or she is in Kuwait.

To obtain a visit visa for a business, visitor, a Kuwait sponsor or company will require:

  • Visa application and security from completed by the sponsor

  • Copy of the visitor's passport

  • Copy of the sponsor's signature as registered for business purposes

  • Copy of the letter of invitation from the sponsor to the business visitor stations the purpose of the visit.

To obtain a visit visa for a relative, a resident foreigner will require:

  • Visa application and security form completed by the sponsor

  • Copy of the visitor's passport

  • Original and copy of the sponsor's passport

  • Original and copy of the sponsor's civil ID

  • Original and copy of the sponsor's work permit (Private sector empolyees)

  • Recent salary certificate from the sponsor's employer

  • Authenticated proof of the family relationship

Usually the sponsor of a relative is expected to be earning at least KD 450 per month if he works for the government and at least KD 650 if he work in the private sector. Normally a visitor goes to a Kuwait embassy to have his visa processed and passport stamped before travelling to Kuwait. However a Kuwait sponsor can use a faxed copy of the visitor's passport to obtain the visa in Kuwait. The sponsor then faxes a copy of the visa to the visitor (to enable him to travel to Kuwait) and meets him at the airport with the original visa. The sponsor deposits the visa papers at a special counter in the arrival hall and the visitor must pick these up at a similar counter inside the immigration area in order to complete entry formalities. Either way, obtaining a visit visa takes about two working days, Hotels can also arrange visit visas for business but they take about a week to do so, naturly enough, expect the visitor to stay with on arrival.

Extension of Visit

The fine for staying more than 30 days on a visit visa is KD 10 a day. A visitor whose visa has expired is not allowed to leave until the fine has been paid, The fine must be paid at the immigration Department in Shuwaikh during government working hours and not at the airport. Fines however may be paid a few days in advance and, unless this is done, the flight out is invariably missed. An expatriate may obtain two one-month extension to a visit visa or temporary residence provided application is made to the immigration Department before the visa has expired. A pleasant solution for visitors wishing to extend their stay is to obtain a second visit visa in Kuwait, travel to Bahrain on a morning flight and re-enter Kuwait in the evening round trip ( 40 minuets flying time ) only costs about KD 45.

Multiple Entry Visas

Multiple entry visits visas, which allow holders to enter the country any number of times within a 12-month period, may be available to business sponsored by the ministry of defence. American citizen (but not other Westerners) can sometimes obtain multiple entry visit that are valid for up to 10 years and allow an indefinite number of entries.

Transit Visas

A transit visa, valid for a maximum stay of 7 days, can be obtained from a Kuwait Consulteabroad or from a Port Authority in Kuwait. The fee is KD 2. The applicant mustr have a valid visa for his next country of destination and, unless he is working on a ship or airline, a confirmed oward ticket. Bone fide international truck drivers and their helpers may obtain multiple entry transit visas.


As a general rule, vaccination certificates are not required, though travelers arriving from areas infected by cholera and yellow fever may need proof of inoculation. Persons from areas where there has been an outbreak of certain communicable diseases may be obliged to undergo a medical examination a few days after arrival. The latest position should be checked with Kuwait consulates aboard before travelling. Kuwait is as diseases-free as Europe and North America and no Particular precautions are recommended, though up-to-date medical advice should be obtained before travilling.

Address in Kuwait

When entering Kuwait, a visitor fills in s entry from at the airport, on which he states where he is going to stay. For a business visitor this will probably be a hotel. Hotel Managers are obliged to inform the ministry of the interior wherever an expatriate checks in or out and do so routinely. A visitor who changes his address in Kuwait must inform the Immigration Department within 48 hours of doing so.


A person in Kuwait on a visit visa may not take up employment, for which he or she must have a work permit and a residence visa.


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