About Kuwait

About Kuwait

Primarily a constitutional monarchy, Kuwait has the oldest directly elected parliament among the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. It is headed by the Emir or Sheikh, a hereditary position. The Prime Minister heads the Government of Kuwait and is aided by a council of ministers (cabinet ministers). Atleast one of them should be an elected member of the Kuwaiti parliament (National assembly), known locally as Majlis Al-Umma. The National Assembly has the power to dismiss the Prime Minister or any member of the cabinet through constitutional procedures & the cabinet is answerable to the National assembly. The Emir of Kuwait can dissolve the National Assembly and call a national election, or in cases of national emergency can dismiss the National Assembly outright and assume supreme authority over the country. The Emir is the commander in chief of Kuwait's armed forces. The Emir has authority to grant pardon from the death penalty or prison.

Kuwait is divided into six governorates:

  • Al Ahmadi

  • Al Farwaniyah

  • Al Asimah

  • Al Jahra

  • Hawalli

  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer


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